Kim Songhe / Chandelier Artist キム・ソンへ / シャンデリアアーティスト

In 1982, Kim was born in Tokyo as a third generation of the Koreans.

Kim studied at the Korean school until18 years old and entered the Oda Fashion College.

After graduating the fashion college, her action to become an artist has begun.

In 2005, her art piece was decorated in the window of a highly sensed store “LOVELESS” which gave a massive attention to the market and this was the start of her career as a chandelier artist.

Since then, she has done many art works for brands and companies, both in and outside Japan and continues further as follows to space decoration and product designs.

Her art works gets an attention beyond the sea and in 2009, Kim exhibited at “U.S.B: Emerging Korean Artists in the World 2009” held at the Hangram Art Museum in Seoul.

In the same year, she also joined the SUPERFROG Gallery located in San Francisco, USA.

In 2016, Kim self-published her art book “TROPHY” and at the same time she was chosen to launch a solo exhibition at the LAFORET Museum which became one of a great success in her artist career.

Kim’s art is unrivaled and you can see many American toys, stuffed animals, Daruma, Manekineko, and Kumade that are collaged one by one by her hand. The technique called “Junk Collage” which Kim uses to express her art is never disconnected from her origins of the third generation of the Koreans.

Her art work reflects the days that she always had to live as a minority and that even connects to an ideal of a multiculturalism.

This will tell you that her art looks a little messy=JUNK but the world is balanced with a strange balance.




2009年には韓国・ソウルのハンガラム美術館で開かれた「U.S.B: Emerging Korean Artists in the World 2009」展や、アメリカ・サンフランシスコのSUPERFROG Galleryにて作品展示を行ったほか、2016年には初となる作品集『TROPHY』を刊行。それに合わせ、ラフォーレ原宿で大型展覧会「トロフィー」を開催し、好評を得た。



Biography 略歴

(Nationality Korea ) Born in Tokyo in 1982.

Graduated from Oda Design Academy fashion design course in 2002.

Through the work of the planning group of Nozomi Ishiguro 2005 , as an independent writer chandelier.

The exhibition held in April 2005 in ” HPDECO Fukuoka store”.

The exhibition held in July 2006 ” DUMPY DUMBO DUMMY ” in Nagoya.

The exhibition held in September 2007 ” HPFRANCE BIJOUX ” in Marunouchi.

Exhibited in October 2008 to ” DESIGNTIDE TOKYO 2008 “.

Was held in May 2009 ” GALLERY SPEAK FOR ” at Daikanyama solo exhibition ” Madras Crossing “.

Join in : ” Emerging Korean Artists in the World 2009 USB ” Exhibition , which was held at the Museum of Hangaram November in Seoul, South Korea , 2009.

The exhibition works gallery of November San Francisco, USA , 2009 by ” SUPERFROG Gallery “.

The gallery held in May 2010 ” ROCKET ” at ( Harajuku ) solo exhibition ” Brilliqnt Dqy “.

Was held in November 2010 at the ” SILAS & MARIA Daikanyama ” and ” Things marginate with Kim Songhe ” Exhibition.

I do : ” Kim’s Surprse Vol.5 Francfranc Art project ” installation in April 2011 in ” GINZA Francfranc “.

The exhibition held in July 2011 ” naru ” at ( Shizuoka ).

Held solo exhibition ” It is thankful to you from Kim Songhe ” in October 2011 at the ” PASS THE BATON Omotesando “.

The exhibition was held in June 2012 at the ” LA BOUCHERIE de SWATi Osaka store”.

I do exhibitions was held in March 2013 Shibuya Hikarie in ” N / E / W / S / T / D “.

1982年 東京に生まれる(国籍は韓国)。

2002年 織田デザイン専門学校ファッションデザイン科を卒業。

2005年 ノゾミイシグロの企画グループでの仕事を経て、シャンデリア作家として独立。

2005年4月 「H.P.DECO福岡店」にてエキシビジョンを開催。

2006年7月 「DUMPY DUMBO DUMMY」(名古屋)にてエキシビジョンを開催。

2007年9月 「H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX」(丸の内)にてエキシビジョンを開催。

2008年10月 「DESIGNTIDE TOKYO 2008」に出展。

2009年5月 「GALLERY SPEAK FOR」(代官山)にて個展「Madras Crossing」を開催。

2009年11月 韓国・ソウルのハンガラム美術館にて開催された「U.S.B: Emerging Korean Artists in the World 2009」展に参加。

2009年11月 アメリカ・サンフランシスコのギャラリー「SUPERFROG Gallery」にて作品を展示。

2010年5月 ギャラリー「ROCKET」(原宿)にて個展「Brilliqnt Dqy」を開催。

2010年11月 「SILAS&MARIA代官山店」にて「Things marginate with Kim Songhe」展を開催。

2011年4月 「GINZA Francfranc」にてインスタレーション「Francfranc Art project Vol.5: Kim’s Surprse」 を行う。

2011年10月 「PASS THE BATON表参道店」にて個展「It is thankful to you from Kim Songhe」 を開催。

2012年6月 「LA BOUCHERIE de SWATi大阪店」にてエキシビジョンを開催。

2013年3月 渋谷ヒカリエで開催された「N/E/W/S/T/D」にて作品展示を行う。

2014年4月 ギャラリーALにてアートディレクター成田久氏と2人展「金とQの狂った1LDK」開催

2015年11月 ラフォーレミュージアム原宿にて「キムソンヘ展 2015 TROPHY」開催

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